Mobile App

Welcome to the first mobile app from an international case management system

Coming summer 2019

It’s time to make forms device-friendly. It’s time to communicate with students and scholars with more than just email. It’s time to use a portal that matches your institution’s branding.

It’s time for the sunapsis mobile app.

The sunapsis mobile app will provide all of these things. Students and scholars will be able to fill out forms through native iOS and Android apps. You’ll be able to send push notifications to students (because let’s be real: students don’t read email anymore, do they?). You’ll be able to match the app (and the new version of the online services) to your institution’s branding.

Note: the mobile app is for the online services for students, scholars, and departments. It is not for administrative sunapsis users. Yet.

Help from the sunapsis team

You probably haven’t deployed an app to the iOS App Store and Google Play. That’s where we come in (and one reason for the additional cost). We’ll make it live in the app stores and keep it updated.

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