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sunapsis International Office Module
Key Features



Embedded SEVIS RTI Browser:

sunapsis provides a way for you to interact with the SEVIS RTI website from within sunapsis. This means that sunapsis will capture every action you take in SEVIS RTI and populate that data within its database automatically. You can also import any data stored in sunapsis into SEVIS RTI, e.g. for initial document creation you can import the student's name and address into SEVIS RTI without having to type it.

Embedded Sevis RTI Browser

Full SEVIS Batch Compliance:

sunapsis allows you to communicate with SEVIS via the batch file transfer process. You can create any of the batch structures defined by SEVIS. Additionally, sunapsis can automate batch creation for editing data based on data imported from the institutional system, such as Banner or PeopleSoft. For example, when an individual changes an address in your institutional system it is imported into sunapsis and then sunapsis automatically creates a batch event for the (P)DSO or (A)RO to approve in order to send the address change to SEVIS.

Full SEVIS Batch Compliance

Case Management Tools:

The sunapsis framework provides the International Office Module with complete SEVIS Transaction History (RTI or Batch), Alerts, Notes, Logging, etc. The Alerts engine will audit the system to inform you of issues ranging from under-enrolled F-1 students to an H-1B with a compensation rate below the minimum required wage.

Case Management Tools

Case Tracker:

Another feature of the International Office Module provided by the sunapsis framework is the Case Tracker. This piece provides the electronic equivalent of passing around paper files, enabling you to assign cases to advisors and staff in the international office. The case tracker also enables you to provide internal status updates and updates to the user or department.

Case Tracker

Online Services & Electronic Forms (E-Forms):

sunapsis has an online self-service portal for international students, scholars, and employees to submit forms to the international office. These forms are completely customizable by the international office and do not require advanced computer knowledge to set up. The forms can be routed to “second approvers,” such as academic advisors or department chairs, for necessary sign off. The online forms can also be used by departments to initiate J-1, H-1B, or PR requests.

Online Services & Electronic Forms (E-Forms)

Comprehensive H-1B and PR Modules:

The International Office Module provides H-1B and PR pieces, in addition to SEVIS-related functionality. This includes tracking, federal document creation (i.e. I-129, I-140), and alerts that audit the information between federal government requirements and the institutional information.

Comprehensive H-1B and PR Modules

PDF Document Management:

The International Office Module allows you to store all your scanned paper files (i.e. passports, visas, financial documentation) associated with the international client's record in a customizable electronic index. Additionally, documents can be uploaded and indexed directly by clients and departments through e-forms.

PDF Document Management

Email Services:

The sunapsis framework supports a robust email services engine to support emailing either everyone or specific populations (i.e. enrolled students, J-1 scholars, H-1B employees, etc.). Populations can be filtered down even further by various criteria (i.e. email computer science students from China).

Email Services

Reports & Online Graphs:

Run standard reports, like the IIE Student and Scholar Open Doors Reports, with a click of a button, or setup your own custom reports to pull any data out of the system and into an Excel spreadsheet. In addition the system supports an online statistical charts and graphs engine to overview and drill down into the data.

Reports & Online Graphs

Scheduling Engine:

The Scheduling Engine allows you to create events for orientation (e.g. placement exams) or any time of the year (e.g. OPT information sessions). Orientation events generate automatic schedules for new students. Other events create session sign-up forms in the online services to allow students to RSVP electronically.

Scheduling Engine

Integration and Data Conversion

You can integrate the sunapsis system with your institutional SIS, HR, and payroll systems via an XML data process. You can use the embedded SEVIS RTI browser within the International Office Module to extract data from RTI and provide an initial load of SEVIS initial and active records into your new International Office Module installation. And of course, we provide dedicated support for the sunapsis install and the data conversion process.