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How much does sunapsis cost? It depends on what you need. We have options for one campus or a whole system, and you can choose to spend more up front or to defer your costs.

Whichever plan you choose, the time, money, and stress you save will make sunapsis totally worth it.


Standard licenses (below) are for one campus only.

Number of active records First year Following years* Renewal rate FY18
Up to 999 $35,000 $7,630 $7,475
1,000 to 2,999 $45,000 $10,425 $10,175
3,000 and up $55,000 $13,250 $12,925

* Costs after the first year include a license renewal fee (subject to a 3 percent annual increase) and a services fee.

Multi-campus licenses enable you to use sunapsis on more than one campus.

Whichever license you get, deferred pricing spreads the first-year cost over five years.

What your license includes

Each license includes the sunapsis software, setup support, on-site training, and travel expenses for the on-site visit. Any infrastructure costs are your institution’s responsibility.

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