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sunapsis Partners

Quality partnerships make using sunapsis even easier

We strive to make your life easier by partnering with the best in the business to provide complete system integration so there is no need to track information in multiple systems and your process goes as smooth as possible.

sunapsis partners also provide services to help with implementation and ongoing use of the system. They can help elevate your use of the system and streamline your processes, making it totally worth it.

sunapsis Partners

sunapsis Consultants

sunapsis Integrations 

sunapsis Partners at Conference

sunapsis Partners participate in our annual conference as exhibitors and presenters representing their brand alongside the sunapsis team. Learn straight from the experts how their product and services can help take your team to the next level.

sunapsis Partner Interaction

Our partners strive to make the sunapsis Community better by building resources, sharing insights with you via the list serv, and co-branding with sunapsis. The sunapsis Team works directly with them to make sure their messaging and materials align with the sunapsis Team Vision and mission.

Interested in partnering with sunapsis?

If you'd like to co-brand with sunapsis and have the opportunity to interact with our Community, email Gillian Thiebe at gthiebe@iu.edu.

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