Revolutionize your office and become compliance all-stars

There’s an easier way to do compliance. A money-saving way. A you-can-finally-spend-more-time-helping-students way.

It’s sunapsis, the gold standard for managing international student and scholar information. Developed by the Office of International Services at Indiana University, sunapsis is the complete compliance-ensuring, efficiency-finding software.

Read what makes sunapsis so great, and watch a demo.

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Mobile support for online services

Online services for students, scholars, and departments are going mobile. And not just a mobile-friendly website (although that’s part of it), but apps for iOS and Android devices.

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Full SEVIS integration

Working with SEVIS has never been simpler. Use the embedded RTI browser—sunapsis’s signature innovation—to change files in SEVIS and sunapsis simultaneously. You can also create and upload batch files with ease.

Comprehensive compliance management

Sleep well at night thanks to long-term tracking of students’ and scholars’ visas, automatic auditing of data, regulatory alerts, and more.

Less paper, more efficiency

sunapsis streamlines your operations. Scan and store files, gather information with customizable e-forms (one of our users’ favorite features), do paperless processing, and much more. All of which saves money and frees up time for more important work, like advising your students.

From a university, for universities

We work in an international office, so we understand what you need sunapsis to do. And we leverage the resources of a top public research university to make it happen.

Active development

We’re always improving sunapsis. When government requirements change, so does sunapsis—because our staff uses it, too. Get ahead of regulatory changes with BETA testing before SEVIS updates go into effect. We work hard to make sure that your international office is as effective and efficient as possible.

Configurable for your needs

sunapsis is built with flexibility in mind. You can shape it to your institution’s needs, from high-level processes down to the portal where your students and scholars enter their information.

A community of dedicated users

Our users love sunapsis—and have learned cool tricks for getting the most out of it. We host an active community email list and are always looking for ways to contribute to NAFSA and foster connections between users.

Office of International Services

Ferguson International Center
330 N. Eagleson Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47405

(812) 855-0490

Licensing information: sunaplic@indiana.edu

General support questions: sunapsup@iu.edu