Pricing so simple, you don't need a quote

How much does sunapsis cost? We like to keep it simple. Pricing is based on active records—that's it.

Whichever plan you choose, the time, money, and stress you save will make sunapsis totally worth it.

License costs (below) are based on active student, scholar, and employee records. And the mobile app comes included at no additional cost!

sunapsis System Costs (includes mobile app)

Number of active records July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023 July 1, 2023-June 30, 2024
Up to 499 $15,760 $10,432
500-999 $20,260 $15,070
1,000-2,999 $24,765 $19,710
3,000-5,999 $29,270 $24,350
**6,000+ $33,770 $28,985

* Costs include a license and a services fee (subject to an annual increase). Year one includes a $5,630 implementation fee.
** Pricing includes single-instance, multi-campus schools.

What your license includes

Each license includes the sunapsis software, the mobile app, setup support, implementation support, and on-going annual support. Infrastructure costs to meet the system prerequisites are your institution’s responsibility.

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