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We created sunapsis to make your work (and ours) easier

sunapsis began when former IU employee Jason Baumgartner knew he could build a better tool to manage international student and scholar information. So when he wasn’t working at Indiana University’s Office of International Services, he spent his time developing the sunapsis prototype. Recognizing a revolutionary idea when they saw it, IU began investing heavily in building out the system, which officially launched in 2005.

Now sunapsis is the industry leader. IU licenses sunapsis, which is Greek for “point of contact,” to more than 115 clients nationwide. Our development and support teams continue improving sunapsis, leveraging IU’s international expertise and world-class technological resources. After all, we depend on it, too.

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Our developers and support team are passionate about serving international students and scholars, just like you.

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sunapsis Vision Statement

sunapsis provides a stellar software experience that empowers optimal use of each release through straightforward deployments and robust support.

sunapsis Mission Statement

sunapsis empowers the international education community to proactively engage international students and scholars in maintaining legal immigration status by delivering comprehensive, flexible enterprise software with state-of-the-art case management and administrative tools.

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The active community email list is a great place to learn from other sunapsis users, ask questions, and get opinions on business practices. We also use the email list for official sunapsis news and upcoming releases.

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Office of International Services

Ferguson International Center
330 N. Eagleson Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47405

(812) 855-0490

Licensing information: sunaplic@indiana.edu

General support questions: sunapsup@iu.edu